yesterday i went to homeopathy.i always having headache..but yesterday is the worst i ever had.
While my family and i having a lunch at YATI AYAM PERCIK at bndar baru bangi,i feel like pusing2..i Told my mom,and then she said"ni dah teruk ni,lps ni baik pergi jumpe homopati".
then ,ble pegi je kat sane,org tu check2,he said,emm 80% nerve kat dlm otak awk x berfungsi very well.mayb disebbkan stress,tension,murung.and others..
okay, whatever! i'll make sure that 100% my nerves will funtioning perferctly like before..( patotla lately,aku blaja cam susah masuk)..hehe.i'll pray for Allah forgiveness and His helping..: )
pray for me my friends!!thank you.; )
setahu aku kan,aku x tension pon..pelikkk..

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